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Rachel's Final Exhibition

Updated: May 29, 2021

This post is a part of EmpowerU Life Writing’s Final Exhibition: check out the intro for more information!

Unforgettable Teacher

written and performed by Rachel Delapaz

In memory of my beloved teacher, I share that my teacher was very kind and understanding, precious to me, beautiful, and like my mother. She was adorable, with long hair and dimples when she smiled. She was the same age as my mother.

She taught me how to be responsible, independent and loving. In the small classroom she would come nearby, to the side of my chair. She always guided me to be responsible with doing things in school and showed me how to wash clothes. She was generous to all the children. She played ball with her students and she would ask the children, “Are you okay? How do you feel?”

One time I went to her home because she wanted to show me some books to learn. My teacher was always reading books and newspapers, going to the market, cooking, and doing the household chores. I trusted my teacher so much. When she was cooking, she asked me if I wanted some juice or bread. She smiled and sang to me, and after, she sent me back to my home on her bicycle.

One day I heard the news that she was gone, passed away due to high blood tension. I didn’t believe it before I went to the funeral. When I looked in the coffin, I saw her face looking like a sleeping teacher.

One night I had a dream about her. She was wearing a dress, riding on a bicycle and inviting me to go school. I felt so happy because I saw my teacher in my dream. When I woke up, I saw I was by myself. It was a night dream of Horeet, my teacher, who did all things well. I felt so sad because I love my teacher so much. Then suddenly, I felt the wind come like my beloved teacher visited me. Suddenly, she was gone.

That day, I visited the cemetery with big wide gravestones. There was a guard, lights, and it was peaceful. I brought some candles, flowers, and food, and I prayed my teacher would solemnly rest in the silent cemetery.

Sometimes when I am alone, here in Hong Kong, after I finish my work, I remember her. I wish that she is now happy in another life in Heaven. I feel that she is watching over me. I will never forget this teacher of mine.


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