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In Hong Kong, there are more than 385,000 domestic workers, representing 10% of the city’s working population. Many are mothers who leave their families, working six days per week to provide for their loved ones.


EmpowerU (formerly known as Domestic Worker Empowerment Project) is a nonprofit educational and empowerment platform. At EmpowerU, we firmly believe that these workers deserve better. And since most of these workers are the main earners for their families, helping them access education will have a cascading effect.


We created EmpowerU to help connect domestic workers with opportunities to learn from top education partners, including NGOs, companies, and even top university professors. Our program is held at The University of Hong Kong (HKU), and many of our facilitators and instructors are HKU professors and students.


Through EmpowerU, participants have exposure to practical knowledge necessary to improve not only their own lives, but also their employers’ well-being. Additionally, we focus on aspirational knowledge that makes life beautiful and worth living - literature, arts, culture, etc. We also hope to help them prepare for the future, whether in domestic work, a different career field or even as an entrepreneur.


EmpowerU’s curriculum is multifaceted and covers several different disciplines.

Some of the courses offered include:

•           CPR & AED Training (certificate granting)
•           Fire Safety and Prevention (certificate granting)
•           Law
•           Business and Finance
•           Entrepreneurship & Leadership
•           Information Technology
•           Media Studies
•           Public Speaking
•           Arts & Literature
•           Public Health & Nutrition
•           Child and Elderly Care
•           Science & Environmental Studies

For the domestic workers, they will:
  1. Be empowered physically and emotionally through a series of educational activities

  2. Be equipped with new knowledge, skills and ideas that can be useful in their daily lives and beyond 

  3. Gain a positive attitude towards their current work and future aspirations or endeavors and lead a healthy lifestyle 

  4. Learn the basic rights and responsibilities as employees and the safety concerns related to their working environment 

  5. Be provided with educational opportunities that promote knowledge, understanding and appreciation of nature, environmental sensitivity and significance, and the associated conservation needs.

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