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Life Writing: Final Exhibition Conclusion

Now that all nine stories have been shared, we are concluding Life Writing’s final exhibition. This exhibition was a celebration of our students’ hard work, and was a part of our goal to create platform on which to share stories from the domestic worker community. The Life Writing class would not have been possible without all of our wonderful collaborators: Dr. Pei-yin Lin from the University of Hong Kong, Christine Choi and Vishal Nanda from Elephant Community Press, and our reviewers. Above all, it would not have been possible without the dedicated and talented students who took time out of their busy schedules to participate in every class and encouraged each other throughout the process. We conclude the sharing of the final students' work on May 30th, Helper Appreciation Day, and we believe that this exhibition has reflected the spirit and core philosophy shaping Helper Appreciation Day. We hope that you have come away from these stories with a greater understanding the lives of migrant domestic workers in Hong Kong and with a renewed commitment to stand up for workers' rights and fair compensation. Thank you for joining us for this exhibition.

Dr. Pei-yin Lin's Concluding Remarks


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