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Our Programs

Designed to give our students a voice.

Our programs empower migrant workers and ethnic minorities in Hong Kong.

Developed by award-winning educators from The University of Hong Kong, each program is bespoke and aims to cultivate in students the confidence and skills to find their voice and make a difference. 

Key Features

Curriculum rooted in real-life situations to provide practical skills and knowledge​

Collaborative study approach to strengthen the sense of community and build peer-to-peer learning networks​

Industry insights from guest speakers and lecturers to provide perspectives on our world



Migrant Workers EmpowerED

Migrant Workers EmpowerED

This program aims to connect migrant workers with opportunities to learn from top education partners, including NGOs, companies, and university professors. The classes are both online and in-person, with the latter being held at The University of Hong Kong (HKU).


The program ensures participants have exposure to practical knowledge necessary to improve their own lives, and also their employers’ well-being. We additionally focus on aspirational knowledge that makes life beautiful and worth living - literature, arts, culture, etc. We aim to help students prepare for the future, whether in domestic work, a different career field, or even as an entrepreneur.

Key Outcomes:

  • Be equipped with new knowledge, skills, and ideas that are useful in one's daily life and beyond 

  • Gain a positive attitude towards one's current work and future aspirations 

  • Learn one's basic rights and responsibilities and how to safeguard oneself in the working environment 

Select Courses:

CPR & AED Training (certificate-granting) |  Fire Safety and Prevention (certificate-granting) | Law | Business & Finance | Entrepreneurship & Leadership | Information Technology | Media Studies | Public Speaking | Arts & Literature | Public Health & Nutrition | Child and Elderly Care | Science & Environmental Studies | And more


Ethnic Minority Youth EmpowerED

We serve ethnic minority youth through a bespoke, impact-based, and community-led education program targeted at improving education and economic outcomes for this population.


The main platform is online, supplemented with in-person workshops and classes, when possible and appropriate. The digital curriculum blends live and recorded courses to maximize the number of participants. Our approach connects youth with the right resources, networks, knowledge, skills, and platform to amplify their voices and build their own future.

Key Outcomes:

  • Expand horizons and help students explore new career opportunities

  • Develop an active professional network in the region

  • Learn skills required to become impact leaders

EM Youth EmpowerED
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