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Melnora's Final Exhibition

This post is a part of EmpowerU Life Writing’s Final Exhibition: check out the intro for more information!

"Our Home" and "My yesterday, today, and tomorrow"

written and performed by: Melnora Panisales Larios

Our Home

Our home was made with stone.

Where it was a typical up and down.

With 24 steps high, before you reach the top,

With two rooms as our bedrooms,

One for our parents and one for me and my two sisters

Downstairs a small living room,

With a sofa set made of bamboo.

Dining table with a rectangular shape, with six seats,

Where my father was at the center of the table,

At his right was me and my mom

And by his left hand my two sisters.

Kitchenwares were simple,

And we were using a water pump inside the home

Where you use your power to push up and down

To bring water out as our fresh drinking water.

Outside, you could see the sunrise bright,

Striking its rays

into deep blue water,

Where the dazzling breeze was seen every Summer,

And the soft waves kissing at the shore

All of this we could see by sitting in the gray sand and feel the natural gifts by the Lake.

But not all is permanent,

In our Province Laguna, in the Philippines

In 1972, and I’m a seven-year-old in that year

The trembling and peaceful waves turn into big waves.

That break our house into pieces and

No choice but for our parents to move

To our uncle’s home and sleep over with my two sisters

While my parents try to save what they can.

And in the early morning,

My parents decide to move and build again a new home for us

A new home by the lake

But with a dike in in the back

Made by stone, cement and high quality of steel

A simple bungalow.

And good memories of my childhood

To remind me where I belong…

My yesterday, today, and tomorrow

Tomorrow, how’s my tomorrow?

When I never see again the beautiful

lights of sunlight,

The glittering stars up in the sky

How to hug my family, friends and that

I love most

No one can predict tomorrow

It is a promise and a fulfillment

Many questions

That linger in our mind,

Not to worry, but a reality

Living here is all temporary

And tomorrow is a submission of our borrowed life.

Saying goodbye to those who we love

And they are crying for our lost,

And for those who are not happy, happy for us

Just hug in the air, and saying thankful for their

Comments for us

No looking back for hate, but to love

And walking happily to Tomorrow’s life

And these three seasons are most precious to


Because life is beautiful to keep good


When we exist there on Earth and enjoying

Our yesterday, today, tomorrow.


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