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Helper Appreciation Day

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What is #HelperHeroes?

#HelperHeroes is a campaign that rallies individuals, families, employers, and NGOs across Asia to publicly recognize the foreign domestic worker community. 


Founded by EmpowerU and other like-minded partners in the region, this is a collaborative campaign to give thanks to the people who take on the often thankless labor of domestic work. 


It’s easy to get involved! Throughout the month of May, we will share stories, highlight organizations, and share our gratitude to domestic helpers in our community. Our goal is to amplify our personal connections to domestic helpers leading up to the first annual Helper Appreciation Day on May 30th (and thereafter the last Sunday in May). 


We believe we all can set aside one day on the calendar to honor the domestic helpers who are there for us throughout the year.

How to Participate

There are a number of ways to get involved and share your appreciation this May 30th! You can thank the domestic helper employed in your home, celebrate with helpers around the community, acknowledge your family members and friends who are serving as domestic helpers, and more. The purpose of this day is to spread a collective message of gratitude to the domestic helpers in our lives. 


Here are a few quick ways:


  • Share a personal message of gratitude or appreciation. This can be in the form of a card or a post on social media. 


  • Complete a random act of kindness and surprise your helper with a gift or other act of appreciation.


  • Read up on the news about domestic helper rights and learn how you can help support their community.


  • Look for a local fundraiser, community initiative, or service event to join others in your area who serve the domestic helper community (whether in person, as appropriate, or virtually). Here are some suggested organizations to contact:​​

HKDI-Logo-Chinese-Black copy.png
  • Just say thanks! Show appreciation and gratitude to the domestic helpers in your life, whether your direct employee, within your church or other community group, or even just out in the public. Often just a quick smile and “Thank you!” can be quite powerful.

  • Talk to domestic helpers in the community and learn about their lives, families, and personal journeys, and help your children to learn more about the lives of domestic helpers with whom they frequently interact.

  • Post messages about #HelperHeroes and Helper Appreciation Day to your social media channels.

Work as a group or organization and match each others’ gifts to your favorite nonprofits and make an even greater impact!

Shared Resources


EmpowerU has put together a set of "toolkits" to help you get started in celebrating "Helper Appreciation Day." Click this link to visit our open-access Google Drive folder, where you can find a set of pre-made infographics that explain the campaign and offer some calls to action.


Graphics & Other Resources

We've also developed some social media templates, campaign logos, other graphics, and resources for teachers and parents to engage children. Click this link to access these resources.


Please use any and all of the resources there in your own efforts to celebrate our #HelperHeroes.

Additional Ideas? Questions?

Please email our team or contact us via Facebook or our website if you have any additional ideas or questions about Helper Appreciation Day and how you or your community can take part.

If you are part of an organization that has existing events, activities, or other programs related to Helper Appreciation Day, please reach out so that we can help spread the word! 

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