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Arlene's Final Exhibition

This post is a part of EmpowerU Life Writing’s Final Exhibition: check out this post for more information!

Ember in the Ashes

written and performed by Arlene Geyrozaga

Over the seas, I wander

Far from home, I was flung

Life had been so tough

I had to take a step out of my comfort's path

I see no familiar faces

I see no family I can run to

Never thought this plight could be so tiresome

Home I cried… wanna go home tonight

Trudging past the hallways of the hotel rooms I attend to

Running fast like lightning--running to arrive on time

Alone, with the cats and dogs

Alone with nobody else to hold

With the mess and the scraps

at the tabletop

I walk in speed straight to it

and in front I stopped

Every minute is gold and I need

to make this fast

There’s a latrine to be attended

after this mess, the last!

This life of mine you thought was dreamy

Just because I live in a foreign country

Thou never thought of my turmoils, of the struggles I face alone

Thou only think I'm living the best life--of leisure and recreation

In the midst of this dark and starry night

With the busy streets below the city lights

I'm a giant against my problem

I light like an ember in the ashes.


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