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Empowering Domestic Workers

Empowering Domestic Workers

By supporting Hong Kong families, domestic workers are the hidden force that makes so much of our city’s success possible. Many of these women aspire to more than being domestic workers, but often lack opportunities to further their education while in Hong Kong.

It’s time we give a little back and help them reach their goals!
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"We created EmpowerU to help connect domestic workers with opportunities to learn from top education partners, including NGOs, companies, and even top university professors."

— Michael M. Manio, President and Founder

EmpowerU is unique in that it offers a multi-year curriculum developed by HKU professors. 

Support Us

Help us increase our impact in empowering domestic workers through our crowdfunding campaign.
To our students, EmpowerU is like their home away from home - where they can connect, learn new things and spend their day-off in a more meaningful way.


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