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Two women in hijab, one south asian woman, and a filipino woman taking a selfie together


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Empowering through education.

The way we learn is rapidly evolving.
High-quality education can transform and uplift the lives of people from all walks of life. At EmpowerU, we have created a unique community that is reshaping education for migrant workers, ethnic minorities, and others on the margins.

What makes us different

Impact-based Learning
A program designed to nurture leaders to usher in the next iteration of social impact.
Community-based Learning
A thriving ecosystem where students and educators learn from one another and encourage each other towards higher goals.
Award-winning Educators
Expert educators who have designed this program focusing on the unique needs of these communities.
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Anna Rizza Abbas


Being an EmpowerU student means a lot to me. It has sharpened my mind, strengthened my understanding, and deepened my experience across different subjects.


Aiza G. Gumunot


As an EmpowerU student, the main thing I have learnt is that all of our dreams can come true, as long as we have the courage to pursue them. 

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Irene Rosil


EmpowerU has helped to rebuild my self-esteem. It has brought back my excitement for learning and boosted my confidence to step out of my comfort zone and try new things.

What our students say

Our Programs


Migrant Workers EmpowerED

Multi-year program for migrant workers focusing on practical skills and future potential.  


Ethnic Minority Youth EmpowerED

Multi-year program for ethnic minority students to learn new skills, build networks, and explore new careers.



Our programs are designed to nurture leaders who will lead the next generation of social impact.


Support us in creating this transformative change and help us scale our impact.

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