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Programme Manager, Migrant Domestic Worker Programme 

I. About Us 

Our mission 

EmpowerU is an exciting and fast-growing educational programme that serves migrant domestic workers (MDW) and “ethnic minority” youth in Hong Kong. EmpowerU’s mission is to make high-quality education accessible to everyone.


Our work

Founded in 2018, EmpowerU initially focused on providing education for migrant domestic workers, and in 2020 we expanded our programmes to serve ethnic minority communities in Hong Kong. We specifically work with community leaders and educators to develop and offer innovative online/in-person educational programmes that supplement what is offered in existing education systems.

II. Job Description

EmpowerU is hiring a Hong Kong-based Programme Manager (PM) to help lead our Migrant Domestic Worker Education Programme. The PM will be involved in the day-to-day operation of EmpowerU’s activities and strategy, engaging in direct communications with MDW students, project management, reporting, partnerships, and outreach. The PM will work closely with EmpowerU’s core team (including the board), university faculty, migrant worker community leaders, and student interns to deliver on programme goals.


MDW Programme Overview


1. Online & in-person courses

  • We offer a range of high-quality pre-recorded courses hosted online through our course delivery platform offered in four curricular focus areas: Law, Business/Finance, Health, and Technology

  • Pre-recorded courses are supplemented with live zoom classes and workshops

  • When possible, we also offer in-person classes at The University of Hong Kong 

2. Leadership training

  • As part of the two-year EmpowerU programme, students serve on several leadership committees where they get first-hand experience in teamwork, strategic planning, and leadership skills

3. ​Community engagement

  • Students work with volunteers and community organizations to participate in service days such as beach cleanups, public outreach, and other events that connect local HK communities to MDWs

Scope of Work

Some of the core activities anticipated under this role include: 

  • Programme Management

    • Work with the Executive Director to create and execute the Programme’s strategy, with an immediate focus on (i) digitizing our current MDW education curriculum and (ii) growing our enrollment to serve greater numbers of MDWs

    • Manage communications and track deliverables in coordination with the EmpowerU core team, our education partners, interns, and other stakeholders.

    • Communicate directly with MDW students via Facebook, WhatsApp, and other mediums

    • Organize activities and events for students and community partners

  • Fundraising and Grant Management

    • Work with the Executive Director, core team, and Board on fundraising initiatives and be responsible for tracking deliverables for grant reporting

  • Engagement with Key Partners and Stakeholders 

    • Cultivate and strengthen relationships with external educational partners

    • Liaise with other NGOs, private sector stakeholders, lawyers, and migrant workers for the purpose of sharing knowledge and strategy 

    • Supporting with capacity building of migrant worker leaders, volunteers, students and civil society 

III. Additional details


Candidates with the following skills/experience are encouraged to apply:

  • Passion for community empowerment and/or prior experience in education and community service

  • Exceptional leadership and organisational skills, with an attention to detail

  • Strong problem-solving capabilities with an ability to prioritise tasks and responsibilities

  • Ability to collaborate in a team with diverse groups of people

  • Experience in managing multiple projects and priorities

  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills

  • Capacity to embrace change and ambiguity, and to thrive in a fast-paced environment

  • Ability to work on Sundays

  • Proficiency in administering/using Facebook pages/groups (preferred)

  • Proficiency in Tagalog and/or Bhasa Indonesia (preferred, but not required)

Employee benefits

  • Competitive salary + MPF

  • 15 days of annual leave per year (excluding public holidays)

  • Flexible working hours

  • In-person and remote working arrangements

  • Opportunities for training and professional development

Inclusive Workplace

We value diverse life experiences and welcome people of any race, ethnicity, gender, age, ability, sexual orientation, or religion. 


How to Apply

Interested applicants should send a cover letter detailing their interest in and fit for the position and their CV to

Application close: position remain open until filled 

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